Embedded senior resources

Stacktrace engineers are experts in their field. Our full stack developers are experienced in a wide variety of languages and technologies, comfortable slotting into any delivery process.

We can help augment existing software projects and teams - filling resourcing gaps, speeding up delivery and assisting with project recovery when things aren’t going as planned.

Custom software design & development

We create secure, well-integrated software including web and mobile applications. Our full stack experience across many languages and technologies affords us flexibility when choosing the right tools for the job.

Some examples include:

  • Frontend: JavaScript Frameworks (Angular, React), Elm
  • Backend: .NET, C#, F#, Ruby, Elixir, Haskell, Node.js
  • Cloud Computing Services: AWS, Azure
  • Video conferencing - WebRTC
  • Data Science: Python
  • Other expertise: Functional programming, domain driven design, event-sourcing, IaaS, API design

Domain expertise

Stacktrace works across a variety of industries including: healthcare, fitness & wellness, not-for-profit, manufacturing, automotive and software industries.

We have particular expertise in public and private healthcare. We’ve launched our own digital healthcare services - Cub Care and GP Consults.