About us

Stacktrace was founded in Brisbane, Queensland in 2017 by the two directors and sole shareholders, Dan Sowter and Chris Horwill.

The business has two complementary streams of activity -

  • Healthcare R&D, currently focussed on diabetes and breast cancer.
  • Software development services, which we provide primarily to enterprise customers in the not-for-profit sector.

Healthcare R&D

We are currently in the early stages of investigation for multiple projects. Two of these, our Diabetes and Breast Cancer projects, are summarised below.

None of our healthcare projects have yet been released commercially.

Our team has a unique combination of healthcare domain knowledge and technical software expertise. If you have a concept or project you'd like to discuss with us we'd love to hear from you.


We have a small trial in progress, investigating how we might support people with diabetes continuously, rather than only during appointments.

Patients are granted 24/7 access to their own multidisciplinary care team via a chat interface or telehealth, while we test technology and processes to lower the effort this generates for providers.

Participants include a mix of credentialled diabetes educators, dieticians, exercise physiologists, endocrinologists, GPs, psychologists, people with diabetes, and their families.

Enrollment is by invitation, but you're welcome to read more -

Breast cancer

We are in an exploratory phase with a multidisciplinary breast cancer team based on the Gold Coast, including representatives from surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, pathology, and radiology.

We're designing new systems and processes to lower the barriers to collaboration, coordination and identification of research opportunities by complementing existing systems with lightweight shared-care records, a common patient information repository and contextual messages between providers.

Software development services

Stacktrace has a senior, experienced development team that focuses on premium, high value-add works-for-hire engagements with Australian, American and European based clients.

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss exciting opportunities from any client, big or small. Given the size and experience of the team, Stacktrace’s clients are typically large software or technology enterprises with mature engineering practices seeking roadmap acceleration.

Please contact us if you feel that your upcoming project could benefit from an accelerated delivery schedule.

Our team

Chris Horwill Founder

Chris Horwill


I have a diverse background in healthcare and finance, gaining clinical experience as a doctor at Queensland Health (most recently as a radiology registrar) and health consulting experience at EY. Complementing this I also have corporate finance experience in various entities including EY, EGR Group and Macquarie.

I believe strongly in applying an evidenced based, quantitative and data driven approach to my work.

Dan Sowter Founder

Dan Sowter


I'm an engineer at heart, hopelessly addicted to the feedback loop that comes of studying complex systems, crafting modest improvements, then studying the new systems that emerge in response.

I'm delighted that this new opportunity will bring me into daily contact with our customers and the hands-on development of our products, having spent the last few years focusing on the commercial, strategic and team-building aspects of software development in my role as CTO of Everydayhero.

On a personal note, having made the difficult decision eleven years ago to withdraw from my final year of medical school, it’s exciting to be able to return to the healthcare ecosystem now, bringing the team, skills and experience required to create a lasting, positive impact.

Benjamin Tefay Senior Software Engineer

Benjamin Tefay

Senior Software Engineer

I love understanding how people work and live, and then building software that they value, using the appropriate tool for the job. While working closely with a diverse range of customers in the energy industry, I was involved in everything from customer support and interface design through to solving complex technical problems. I am keen to use this customer-focused perspective to make a difference in the charity and health-care industries - delivering just what our customers need, sustainably and with high quality.

Brad Bow Senior Software Engineer

Brad Bow

Senior Software Engineer

I’ve built software for a bunch of different industries, using a bunch of different tools. I am fairly ruthless in my pursuit of simplicity, though I balance this with a healthy dose of pragmatism. I love building the right thing. This usually means being as close as possible to the users of that thing.

Brad Parker Senior Software Engineer

Brad Parker

Senior Software Engineer

I've been involved in building visual identities, user experiences, user interfaces, web services and web applications. I really love it. I've found I prefer doing so in close collaboration with the people who need to use what we build, as well as people who want to figure out how it should be best built.

Daniel Little Senior Software Engineer

Daniel Little

Senior Software Engineer

I'm deeply passionate about building great software and empowering teams. I love the ability to create something from nothing. To make peoples jobs and lives, better and more enjoyable through technology. I value good culture because people and technology are intrinsically intertwined. I know having context is key for building great software and I try to always optimise for people. I believe technical excellence always aligns with the business objectives and I value and strive to be more authentic to share and discover real stories.

Francesco Ferraioli Senior Software Engineer

Francesco Ferraioli

Senior Software Engineer

I am extremely passionate about everything IT - from software to hardware, as well as networks and security. My main passion, however, is in using the right technologies to enable the development of intelligent, fast, secure, maintainable and reliable systems that can make this world a better place. This involves being in a continuous state of learning as technology continues to rapidly evolve. Working in a team of people with the same passion is paramount.

James Ottaway Senior Software Engineer

James Ottaway

Senior Software Engineer

I'm a polyglot software engineer with a penchant for applying functional programming patterns to software of all shapes and sizes. I love solving complex business problems using a sensible mix of software, systems thinking and continuous improvement. I’ve spent my recent years leading software development teams and enjoy the rewards that come with empowering a team of highly-skilled engineers to build the right product at the right time.

Keiran O’Leary Senior Software Engineer

Keiran O’Leary

Senior Software Engineer

I’ve enjoyed working across a variety of technologies with a passion for usability and interaction design. Having spent most of my career within the disability and education sector I particularly enjoy collaborating with like-minded people to create experiences that achieve a meaningful difference in the world.

Matt Furness Senior Software Engineer

Matt Furness

Senior Software Engineer

I'm passionate about building great, useful, reliable software no matter what language, platform, and domain I am in. Working with an equally passionate team, collaborating on hard problems to get great outcomes, is something I find extremely satisfying.

Nick Young Senior Software Engineer

Nick Young

Senior Software Engineer

For me, software and technology are a lifelong fascination. I love the gratification which comes from quenching your curiosity, solving tricky challenges, and successfully delivering value to businesses and users. I've worked in a range of industries and technologies, but I am particularly enthusiastic about awesome web applications, applied cryptography, and highly-scalable/reliable systems.

Oli Pichon Senior Software Engineer

Oli Pichon

Senior Software Engineer

I started my career in London where I worked in the finance industry for a leading portfolio management software organisation. This early on raised my awareness around what it takes to build highly available systems. Since then I have been privileged to work with some amazing people both in Continental Europe and Australia where my passion to build available and reliable software remains unchanged.

Thomas James Senior Software Engineer

Thomas James

Senior Software Engineer

I passonately believe that small teams of dedicated people can achieve anything. I'm a geek & a technophile, and enjoy being involved in the local software developer community. I thrive when using software & technology to solve problems that matter to people.